Saturday, December 20, 2014

Deboxing Day: Silken Flame Reproduction Barbie 1997 #18448

Although called Silken Flame, this is a reproduction of 2 classic Barbie outfits, Silken Flame and Red Flair.  This outfit shouts 'Christmas' to me and I've decided this is the perfect time to free Brenda from her boxy prison.
I always wanted this outfit as a kid, I thought then (and still do)that it was gorgeous.  I picked up a vintage set quite a few years ago.  We will see them side by side later.

Reproduction: Owner original

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  1. I have this reproduction doll only in the Platinum blond. My sister and I had this outfit when we were kids, but it is gone :(, so when I saw this doll in Platinum blond (that is the doll I had as a young girl), I just had to have her!