Saturday, May 20, 2017

Starting A Capsule Wardrobe

As you may or may not know, our vintage gal,
Barbie works at Huege Enterprises.  She currently
works in the file room but is taking Saturday and
and evening classes at The Barton Women's
Academy of Business in hopes of getting a
position in the bookkeeping department.

As any career minded gal she wants to dress
in a manner that says "I am a professional",
but on a file clerk's budget that can be tricky.
Luckily, Barbie has some sewing skills and
knows the value of a mix and match wardrobe
or .....a capsule wardrobe.

Babs is starting with a burgundy pencil
skirt and jacket.  I'm think the skirt is a
little too long, but the era is mid-late 50's.

A floral sleeveless blouse is added under
the jacket.  And of course, while we're at
it let's make little sis, Skipper, a matching
blouse and skirt.

Babs already had a pink short sleeved
button front blouse (ok, we are still
missing the buttons so it is a pinned
front blouse). Worn with the skirt and
jacket it makes a nice professional suit.

Babs also had this lovely sweater, made
by friend, Carol.  It looks a little more
casual than the jacket but still nice for
work in the file room.

A girl's gotta have something to relax
in so we added a pair of pants......and a
pair for the kid.  I think the floral top
looks better with the pants.

Add the sweater and this is a great
casual outfit for a day in the park
with Skipper.

Babs also has a navy pencil skirt which
goes well with the pink blouse.  On the
cutting table is another short sleeved
button front blouse in a blue floral
pattern to go with that skirt also.  A navy
jacket might be nice too......if I can find
my navy fabric.  And a white blouse
is definitely needed.....maybe 2, short
and long sleeved.

***After my last post I decided to take a
break from the dioramas.  I may go
back to them but for now I am just
going to use my free time doing what
I like to do most with my dolls
and make them clothes.  I appreciate
the advice everyone  gave, you guys
are great!


  1. This is a fab start to a capsule wardrobe for Babs. I need to learn to make clothes for my dolls. It would be fun and would save some dough. I'm constantly reminding myself not to spend more on the dolls' wardrobes than I do on my own.

    1. Thanks, Jewell. Well, being able to sew for them certainly hasn't stopped me from buy clothes for them! The clothes for the vintage dolls can be expensive so sewing a few help!