Sunday, March 6, 2016

Sleeve Dress

I was cleaning out my closet last weekend
and as I pulled some old tees and sweaters
off  for a trip to Goodwill, I started thinking
I should use some of them to practice making
knit doll clothes.  So  I hacked off the sleeve
of a cream colored long sleeve Target tee....
and here is Gabrielle's new dress!

It's very simple but elegant I think.  It
is paired here with the vintage
gold belt from 'Silken Flame' and
awful gold Vegas showgirl shoes.

Gabrielle thinks she looks hot.

Here she has paired it with a bright
purple vinyl top and lavender accessories.
She loves this look!

Showing more versatility, she is wearing
it as a skirt with some cute tops.  Perfect
for summer parties.

And with a chill still in the evening
air she wears it with one of the
beautiful sweaters made by my friend,
Carol, and a little scarf crochet by

I love this little dress, but most of all
Gabrielle loves it!  Who knew 7" of
tee shirt sleeve could be so darn cute!


  1. You really hooked up this dress. So many possibilities. Everything you put with it makes such a nice outfit.

    1. Thanks, Janainah, I'm pretty pleased with it.

  2. Wow!! Those look really nice! You did a great job. No, don't throw out those socks and T-shirts!! They are great from making lots of "cut and sew" knit clothes!!!!!

  3. I agree with Gabrielle,yes she looks hot lady ;-)
    Nice refashion congrats.

    1. Thank you, hopefully just the start of many more.