Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Peasant Style

I don't have many outfits from the 70's and am trying
to reproduce some of the Best Buy era types.  I have
made a few sundress straight from a 1970's pattern
that look very nice.
I wanted a more peasant or gypsy look so took a bodice 
from one pattern and a skirt from another, added some 
other details and these are the results.

Free's outfit is a little more 'southern belle' than 
peasant or gypsy, I think.  It's a little too poufy, though
maybe it's just the fabric is not soft enough. But I
like it.
I think P.J.'s outfit came out better and is my favorite
of the two.  I like the suspender style, it looks cute.
I have some eyelet and gingham fabrics that have a
very soft hand so may use them to try some more
variations of these dresses.

All in all not bad outfits and my hippie ladies have more
a few more clothing options.  They are happy!

1 comment:

  1. Both dresses are very nice, but I agree with you and I think PJ's dress is also my favorite of the two.