Sunday, August 2, 2015

Matched Set

Well, I've been a busy little sewer.  Trisha and Daryl
look quite fetching in these matching outfits.  All
clothing made by me.
I have made this type of dress several times but
this is only the second pants and shirt I have made.
I am still trying different pants patterns to get the 
best fit, but have used the same vintage shirt pattern
as it has worked out both times.
Does anyone know which Barbie this is?  I got her 
in a box lot about a year ago and all I can guess is
that she is from the 90's.  I think she is absolutely 
gorgeous.  I love her thick platinum hair, I am
wondering if perhaps it was cut? But I like the
length. UPDATED: Trisha has been identified as
1997 Sweetheart Barbie.
Trisha and Daryl make a cute couple.  Kinda got a
rockabilly vibe goin' on.   They need a shiny muscle car
to cruise around town in.


  1. Trisha and Daryl look nice together with their matching outfits! I like the fit of his pants. Not too baggy, not too tight! What does the waist look like? Is it an elastic waste or snap waist band?

    1. No waistband just folded and stitched but it snaps in the back......luckily he's a doll or life would be a little more complicated?..LOL.

  2. I like the pattern you used. It works well. I want to sew for all my dolls, but seem to sacrifice sewing for the guys (I end up buying for them) since I have so many girls to sew for already. Including the little ones and babies. I can't possibly outfit them all, so I buy. I love the shirt pattern you are using. The pants look good.