Sunday, August 16, 2015

Lydia's Bridal Salon

Welcome to Lydia's Bridal Salon!
This is my third diorama and I am very happy with it so far.  I think it may need just a few
more finishing touches but Lydia is ready for business.
Lydia welcomes Mrs. Sylvia O'Brien, mother of bride to be, Carrah.
Lydia helps Carrah (aka Wedding Day Midge) find the perfect dress for her.
Carrah is stunning in this gown.
"Oh, Mother, this is definitely the one!" exclaims Carrah.  Lydia and Mrs. O'Brien discuss
the cost and any needed alterations.  
A happy first customer!

I am still very new at doing dioramas and don't have
a lot of furniture pieces or accents and accessories
accumulated yet.  This little shelving unit for the 
shoes is the first piece of furniture I have made.  It's 
not perfect but not a bad first piece.  It is made of 
foamcore board.
I also made the sign and pictures.  A few months ago I bought some artwork from
for our house, now every other month or so they send me a small catalog of artwork.  Most
of the pictures are perfect for the 1:6 dioramas.  I cut them down to the mat and mounted
on black foam with a 1/4" border. 
I think they look great!

All in all I am very pleased with my effort.  I plan to play with this a little bit, add some
more items and rotate other dolls in and out. In other!


  1. OMG! So where do I start? First of all, you must have a knack for dioramas. If you hadn't said it was your first, I wouldn't have known. And that shoes rack, AWESOME! Are those white ball head pins holding it together, yet, part of the design. Genius! And now I want to get some catalogs from Loving that idea!

    1. Welcome Janainah! Thank you so much for all the nice compliments. Yes, those are pins.....the glue wouldn't set quick enough so I thought I would use the pins temporarily but I liked the way it looked so left them in

  2. Love it! I'm thinking about making a wedding diorama and came across this while looking for ideas. Gorgeous job, very well done!