Tuesday, January 27, 2015

My Birthday......50 years ago

1965, it's your 9th birthday and your aunt, a talented seamstress is also your Godmother.  You might hope for another beautiful gown like you had received one Christmas.  Imagine your surprise when you receive the following:

And this:
And this:
And this:
And finally, this:
Yes, she made all of these for me!  It was little girl's dream.  I have many happy memories playing with these outfits on my dolls.  I can't thank my Aunt Virg enough for making these beautiful outfits for me.  I have cherished them for all these years.  And I must admit that the purple velveteen coat was my favorite, it is just so gorgeous I wish I had this coat for me!

I was finally able to identify and get a copy of the pattern she used:
This pattern was also reissued by Simplicity in recent years as one of their 'retro' patterns.  I think it would be fun to make my own versions of the same outfits.

Though these outfits are 50 years old they are in great condition (unfortunately there is nothing you can do about some fabric fading). I loved my Barbie dolls and took great care with them and their outfits.  They were well played with and well loved......and they still are!

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