Friday, January 16, 2015

Date Night -New Outfits

Kimberly and Ryan are heading out for date night.  Kimberly is wearing another new Sparkle Girl dress and crochet scarf she got for Christmas to ward off the evening chill.  Ryan is sporting a new outfit also.  He could be a gentleman and lend Kimberly his jacket but he can't because this cheap a$$ outfit has the jacket and tee shirt as one piece......that is velcroed in the back!  It also looks like he shrunk his pants.  I gotta make the boys some clothes........

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  1. Kimberly's outfit is beautiful. It's unusual that Ryan's jacket and t-shirt are one piece, but it does look trendy and cool :-).

  2. They both look very nice for their date. Kimberly might need more than that scarf to keep her warm, though! I guess Ryan will have to put his arm around her since he can't lend her his jacket!

    1. Yes, Phyllis, her outfit is a little skimpy. But a coat would have covered up her cute outfit.....I remember going through winters with a skimpy jacket or my coat open just so everyone could see my cute outfit and I grew up in Chicago, gets a little chilly there in the winter, haha!