Saturday, January 10, 2015

Deboxing Day: 35th Anniversary Barbie Giftset #11591 1993

These 2 outfits, Easter Parade and Roman Holiday are 2 of 3 of the most sought after vintage Barbie outfits, along with Gay Parisienne. 
I think the dresses are very well made and the zipper closings are a nice touch.  The coats on both were a little disappointing.  The Easter Parade coat was a very stiff acetate and not fully lined.  The Roman Holiday coat was lined with a very thin, see-thru tricote.  It (an the coat fabric) already have holes from the plastic tags they used to hold the outfit to the liner.  I don't see this lining lasting very long.

That being said, the accessories are very nice right down to the hanky and compact in Roman Holiday.

This set came with yet another ponytail Barbie.  I left her in her box and let Jeanelle and Barbara model the outfits.  

Reproduction:  Owner Original

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  1. The original 'Easter Parade' coat was never lined... but it would have been nice if they made it from a better fabric, like the original silk taffeta. This is a common problem with a lot of repro outfits.