Saturday, September 20, 2014

Under Fashions # 1655 - 1966-1967

Bailey in Under Fashions

Really, who buys a Merry Widow outfit for their little daughter's doll? Um, my parents. This is one sexy outfit and Bailey is looking quite hot. This outfit is complete, right down to the cardboard legs the hose came on (I forgot them in the pic). It is in excellent condition, no runs, all the garters work.

The reason it's in such good condition is that I didn't I put it on the dolls very often. First off, it is very hard to get clothes on over them and then everything will look lumpy. But secondly......and most importantly, it is a bitch to get that sucker on. This was worst than stuffing yourself into Spanx! At least she doesn't complain when I'm tugging it on!

But she does look pretty sexy in it....for a doll.

Vintage: Owner Original

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  2. It is such a waste when a naughty beauty like Bailey has no Ken in sight!