Monday, September 22, 2014

Let's Hear It For The Boys: Ken #750 - 1962-1965

Vintage Ken

Growing up my Barbie never needed a man in her life, mostly because my life was full them with four brothers, a Dad, loads of other male relatives and my brother's friends. There was no room for anymore guys in my pretend world.

So my Barbie was a SWF until she was almost 40, when I finally broke down and bought her this man, Ken.  Ken was always a little dorky to me, but hey, she likes him and at her age she needed some arm candy on occasion.

A few other Kens and buddies have been added to escort the ladies about town and you will meet them all.  Unfortunately Ken's wardrobe is very sparse right now, so I am working to add some suitable basics such as shirts and slacks. This isn't even his original outfit but his buddy, Allan's.  There is no way his wardrobe will ever match Barbie's but he needs to look sharp when they go out.

Vintage: Repurchase

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