Sunday, September 14, 2014

To Debox or Not To Debox....that is the question?

My apologizes to Bill Shakespeare, but to a doll collector THAT is the question!

35th Anniversary Barbie NRFB - 1994

NRFB.   How important are those four letters to you?  Does it mean everything to keep your doll in this pristine environment and admire her through the plastic like Ralphie admiring the Red Ryder BB gun at Higbee's Dept. Store?

I think it is a hard decision for most doll collectors.   Do you preserve your doll for future value or do you throw caution to the wind and remove her?  I guess it depends on the doll, if she's rare and what you want from your collection.

I kept my 4 original dolls because they meant something to me, they reminded me of being a kid, when you could escape some of the unpleasantries of the adult world around you and create your own perfect one.   They were my best friends.

I started collecting other dolls because they are beautiful and I loved to look at them. I had vintage dolls and NRFB dolls, some were sold and more were added. But there was a sort of disconnect, I liked having them but I don't think they meant that much to me.

Then I got a box lot of nude dolls off eBay.   The plan was to clean them up, make some clothes and donate them.  As I started something came over me.......this was fun, brushing their hair out, making or selecting just the right was play, it was FUN.   This what these dolls are 

So I personally have changed my doll collecting philosophy .......DEBOX, that is the answer.

35th Anniversary Barbie (aka Barbara) - Deboxed

35th Anniversary Barbie, better known as Barbara, has been freed from her box.   And a good thing too as her ponytail rubber bands had completely disintegrated into a dry, brittle mess.   She got a new rubber band for the ponytail but I kind of liked the way her hair looked with the end free, sassy, so I left that one off.   Doesn't she look happier? I think she is eyeing up Barbie's Closet as she has been wearing this same old striped swimsuit for what, 20 years now (she was issued in 1994), outrageous for a doll that is a fashion icon!

Barbara will soon be joined by other dolls freed from their confines.   It won't happen all a once and a few may never see freedom but I have decided MY dolls are meant for playing.......what are your dolls meant for?

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  1. My 35th Anniversary Barbie was also recently deboxed. I am enjoying her more since she has been granted freedom. However, there is also something to be said for the beauty of Barbie and co. in the perfect environment provided by the sealed box. As a new Barbie collector, I want to find the middle zone of deboxing. Enjoying their beauty while still having the fun. A wonderful dilemma indeed!