Sunday, April 16, 2017

Olivia and Roger Brentwood

Just spent a lazy Easter Sunday deboxing
my Silkstones.

Roger is wearing his suit from New England
Escape and Olivia is wearing her Continental
Holiday outfit.  She was going to wear her 
New England Escape outfit except for one
teeny, tiny problem...........

She can't get her right hand through the
jacket sleeve!  She also can't get her right
hand through her Continental Holiday

It appears Mrs. Brentwood has a drinking
problem and her hand is stretched wide
to accommodate hoisting a pint!  The
width of her hand is 5/8", the jacket sleeve
cuff opening is about 1/2" and the coat
(which is the outfit she came with, mind
you) is maybe 3/8".

Has anyone else encountered this problem?
Is it just this model of Silkstone or do they
all have a catcher's mitt for a right hand?

Her arm is cocked to rest on her hip, similar
to several of the Model Muse dolls I have.
But their thumb is not that splayed out from
the rest of the hand.

I am very disappointed.  It took me a long time
to find  a Silkstone I liked (most of the eye
makeup is too much for me).  I really like her
but if she can't wear the beautiful outfits then
Mr. Brentwood may be looking for a new wife.


  1. Oh no! I know that is so frustrating when the do something like that. I guess they don't expect that we will be redressing the Silkstones.

    1. The fact that she came in her undies with an additional outfit (which included the coat) I would think Mattel is smart enough to think we might redress them. Their quality control is so lacking.

  2. First of all....what a handsome couple!!! But that is so unfortunate about the jacket! With the newer FR dolls, the designers made them so their hands can be removed which enables them to wear tighter fitting sleeves. But unfortunately this is not a detail shared by the Barbies, that I know of. As a footnote....when I first did the tutorial for making slopers for dolls, I recommended taking the width of the Barbie's hand span into consideration when planning the width of any sleeve. Whenever I make jackets with very fitted sleeves, only my FR dolls can wear them! did right...just toss the jacket over the doll's shoulders or fold the coat over the inside of the arm.

    1. I have looked at some other Silkstones on line and she seems to be the only one I can find with affliction. Mr. Brentwood may give her the boot because of her drinking problem or else he will send her to rehab and buy her some new mostly sleeveless outfits.

  3. Mrs. Brentwood's drinking problem is high tea, I'm sure. LOL! I wonder why her hand is stretched so wide.

    Despite that, this couple looks good.