Friday, April 29, 2016

Fashion Friday

Crisp n' Cool # 1604  1964-65

It's beginning to get warm here in NW
Florida and Barbie intends to stay cool
and stylish in this outfit.

This is my original Barbie but sadly I
did not have this outfit back in the day.
It is vintage and I purchased it complete
several years ago.

I love this simple styling!


  1. Loving your Fashion Fridays!!! This outfit caught my eye as soon as I landed on your page. I love it too. The fact that it is vintage just goes to show how, at one time, Mattel was really on top with its Barbie fashions. Not so much the case today...which is why some of us are sewing!

    1. I agree the vintage Barbie fashions are stylish and very well made with a real attention to detail. Only nice thing I can say about today's Barbie fashions is that they are cheap to purchase!