Friday, April 15, 2016

Fashion Friday

Our fashionistas today are Eden and
Collette, modeling 2 of the Barbie
Fashion Complete packs.

I like the casual striped top with fancier
red tulle skirt.

Collette's outfit is also very cute.  I
like the way the necklace gives the
look of a peter pan collar on the shirt.

(Note:  I don't think I have ever
introduced Collette.....we are at odds
with each other and she may not be
staying.  I could never really hit on
a name for her and just gave her
Collette.......I'm just not feeling it
with her.)


  1. Collette looks very cute in that outfit! Her outfit also works on the new Curvy Barbie too. Same with the red skirt. Curvy Barbie can wear that too! Collette is a very nice doll and very pretty. I love her pale skin and curly blonde hair!

  2. I think the outfits are cute. I understand about Collette and not bonding with her. Maybe a new hair style will make her more appealing. But she does have the Nikki sculpt and I don't particularly like it either, although I have a couple of those heads due to buying them for the articulated bodies. So they get to stay because you never know when you'll need background people and extras in your stories.

    1. Well, you learn something new all the time.....I never realized Collette was the Nikki face. I actually bought her for her blonde curls and green eyes because she looked so different. Now that she has been out on the shelf and we have had more face time she is growing a little on me.....

  3. Again, these are very pretty outfits that can easily be mixed or matched up with other clothes. Collette caught me by surprise. I felt like I had seen her before, but didn't realize that she is, indeed, a blonde version of the Nikki sculpt. I'm not a huge fan of Nikki either, but the pale tone gives her a new allure. I actually like the hair. I guess it all comes down to picking out just the right outfits for her. Sometimes, it's as simple as that!

  4. Are these skirts made of the same material all the way around?

  5. Those outfits are very nice out of the pack. Thanks for showing them. I'm having the same issue with "Collette" in my dolly world. For me, it's her head size. I may eventually gift her to one of my daughters.