Sunday, May 17, 2015

Yes, More Sparkle Girl Outfits

Twins, Quinn and Alexa found some new Sparkle Girl
outfits at Walmart recently.  The top fabric in Quinn's 
dress has been used previously but I like it with the 
bright pink ruffled skirt.  Alexa's dress looks a little too
much like a tutu with the black net ruffling.

The fit on these is a little snug due to the ribbon crotch strap
they put on these dresses.  I thought of removing it but am
afraid the dress will ride up and you'll see their hoohah.  I
suppose I could be industrious and change the ribbon out 
for elastic for a better fit.  But really who wants to put that
much work into $1.97 dress???? 

Anyway both girls' are happy with the new dresses.

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