Monday, April 6, 2015

The Five Little Debbies

Aside from the 4 original dolls my parents bought me as a kid, they bought 1 doll as an adult.   Well, Mom got her for me, and as today would have been her 86th birthday and she was a doll collector,  I thought it was a good day the feature the Ltttle Debbies.
This is the one my Mom gave me, the first issue Little Debbie #10123 from 1993.  Little Debbie snack cakes were a staple in our house, as they were cheaper than Hostess and with 6 kids you went through a lot of snack cakes.  My favorites were the Oatmeal Creme Patties and the Nutty Bars.  

Late last year I had thought about putting the other 4 dolls on my Christmas Wish list but then decided on something else.  I thought I would just keep this doll as a momento of my Mom.  
Then about a week later The Husband and I were out thrifting, and there was # 2, # 14616-9950G2 from 1996, NRFB, for $7.  (The first few dolls issued had bent arms, but they changed to the straight arms, as is mine.)  The Husband said it was fate and I was meant to complete the collection. 
So for my birthday in January he got me,
Little Debbie  #3, # 16352 from 1998, and
Little Debbie # 4, the 40th Anniversary # 24977 from 2000, and
Little Debbie #5, #59372 from 2002.

So what started as 1 has blossomed into a collection.

Thanks, Mom.....Happy Birthday....miss you.

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