Saturday, April 4, 2015

Easter Parade

Some of the ladies have broken out their cutest
spring dresses for this year's Easter Parade.
Barbara is wearing the popular 'Belle' dress in blushing 
pale pink while Jeanelle wears 'Garden Party' # 931.
Both are classic vintage outfits from 1962 - 1963 and 
the ladies look very elegant.
Megan and Lindsey are both sporting short, flirty dresses
that came on Barbie Greeting cards from the 90's.  While
these little frocks are certainly springy they show A LOT
of leg and might not be that appropriate for an Easter
Parade.  But the ladies do look cute!
Tess and Rowena have chosen more modest dresses
for this Easter.  They are both wearing the same dress
made by me.  How different the same dress looks
in a different print and with a little ribbon trim!  They
too are looking quite fetching.

Vintage Outfits:  Repurchased
Card Outfits: Owner Original
Handmade: Owner

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