Saturday, January 9, 2016

Sweater Gifts

My neighbor and cohort in all things Barbie,
Carol, is a very good knitter. I am lucky to be
her friend because she gave me 3 lovely sweaters
for the ladies for Christmas!

Vivian is wearing a beautiful off-white cardigan
with turquoise trim and buttons.  She has paired 
this sweater with her 50 year old pants and shoes
from 1965's 'Photo Fashion' #1648.  I can barely fit
into last years pants let alone a pair from 50 years go girl!

Vivian is wearing a pale pink wrap sweater
coat.  She has paired it with bubblegum
pink slim pants and a black long sleeve
turtleneck blouse, both made by me.

She looks cozy for an afternoon of shopping.

Looks like we may have a budding new 
romance here.  Phoebe and Brad are 
stepping out for a dinner date.  Oh, look
he brought her cardboard candy!

Phoebe is wearing a peach colored cardigan
with off white trim.  She has paired is with a
strapless dress made my me.

Brad is wearing a Christmas gift, Fashion Ave.,
'Sweet Talker' # 25752.  They didn't think to 
include a shirt with this outfit so I stole one
from another.  I do love the cheesy naugahide
car coat, reminds me of the one my Dad wore!

They make a cute couple, we'll have to wait and
see how this first date goes.


  1. Those sweaters are beautiful as are the fashions you made. Love the cardigan with the 50 year old pants! Perfect color match!

    1. Thanks, Phyllis. Carol did a great job on these little gems. I have a birthday coming soon......I'm hoping for a few more, LOL!

  2. The sweaters are really, very pretty. Knitting and crochet are things that I have no patience for, so I really appreciate sweaters and knitted clothes for dolls!

    1. You and me both, April. I have tried my hand at both....not good results!