Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Let' s Hear It For The Boys: 40th Anniversary Ken

I actually got this doll last year for my birthday.  I think it is time he broke free of his box as some of the ladies need a better escort than the zombie-like Ryan.  So ladies, meet Kyle.
He's not bad looking but the haircut is dorky (it's rooted) and his head is a little under sized giving him a tick-like look. The tux is nice and he will look good escorting the ladies to assorted soirees.

It came with a cool little minature Ken complete with itty bitty box. 

Modern: Owner Vintage

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  1. I own this Ken as well. I think he has a more mature look to him, so I made him a father to some of my young adult dolls. I love the boxed mini Ken he came with too, and his tux is amazing!