Sunday, August 31, 2014

My Four Ladies

This is the lady that started it all back in 1962 or 1963........I can't quite remember.

Pretty good for 50 +, a little worn and frayed , but hey who of us isn't.

Little sis Skipper was next on the scene. She has misplaced her swimsuit and is wearing big sis Barbie's.

Then cousin Francie moved in. She has the prettiest sweet face.

When the TNT Barbie first came out they had a deal where you turned in your old Barbie and got the new one for $1. When my Mom and I went to the counter to turn her in the women looked at my doll and asked if I really wanted to turn her in because she was in such condition. She said most kids were bringing in broken dolls and didn't I have a broken one at home rather than this one? Well, no I didn't, she was the only Barbie I had. She took pity on me and gave me the new TNT for $1 and let me keep my original doll. How nice was that!

Since there can be only 1 Barbie, I name my extra dolls. This is Bailey. I love her face, she is one of my favorite Barbies.

So these are my 4 original ladies........oh, there are more now, lots more and clothes, yes the clothes.

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