Friday, July 30, 2021

Friday Fashion - July 4th Outfits


Okay, so I am pretty late showing these outfits and I haven't done a Fashion Friday in ages.  I made them way before Independence Day in hopes of setting up a backyard BBQ dio, but yeah, that didn't happen.

Sun Gold Malibu Barbie and Ken are our models here.  I like to fit the clothing style as close to the dolls era as possible, these two dolls are from 1983. 

 I used Simplicity pattern 8281 from 1977 for Barbie's sundress, it is one of my favorites.  This dress is somewhat timeless and can be made in a  pretty print like I did here or in a plain color and dressed up with embellishments for different looks.  It's also pretty easy if you are just starting out in sewing for these tiny fashionistas.

The Ken outfit was made from Simplicity 7928 from 1986 although I redid the pants without the elastic it called for (I don't like elastic on Ken's pants unless pajamas).  This is a good shirt pattern for the beefier Kens of the late 80's/90's, they had a little more upper body than the early Ken's of the 60's and 70's.  I'm thinking it might also fit the World Peacekeeper guys since they are a little more buff.

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