Sunday, February 7, 2021

Two More New Dolls

Christmas and my birthday are a little over a month apart, so I tend to get quite a few dolls in December and January.  I really am trying to cut down on the dolls coming in but I did want an articulated Ken to go with the MTM ladies and well, the other doll was just too cute to pass up.

I really didn't want the wheelchairs but did want the dolls...oh, well.

She is so cute. I love her hair although it was pretty frizzy at the ends and I had to trim it some.
I think she will be Jaelene.

I don't know about this Ken, he looks so young and dorky.  But I really want an articulated guy or guys to hang out with the MTM ladies.  The World Peacekeeper doll looks like their Dad, so I guess it has to be this guy.  I wish they would do an AA articulated male also.  Anyway, this guy is now Troy.....he definitely looks like a Troy.

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Thursday, January 28, 2021

New Guys in the House - Updated 1/29/2021

 I got 2 new guys recently, one for Christmas and one for my birthday.

I wanted a partner for my repro Enchanted Evening doll, Ava Winter.

In my little world Ava is a 1950's glamorous actress and singer and she needs a 50's handsome escort.  So for Christmas I asked for the Rock Hudson doll from the Pillow Talk giftset.

I've named him Brock Hutson.  I think he looks a little more like Cary Grant than Rock Hudson but I think he will be a great partner for Ava.  I am not sure what his profile will be yet, actor, singer or maybe movie mogul.  He definitely needs some clothes though!

I am always on the lookout for articulated male dolls and found this guy.  He is from the World Peacekeeper Action/Adventure series.  I got him for my birthday.

He's not a bad looking guy and has 30 points of articulation.  I thought he might go with my MTM dolls but I think he looks to old for them.  I will try them all together in some pictures to see how they look.  But he is definitely good arm candy for my Barbie Look and Model Muse dolls if he doesn't work with the others.

I have looked at other World Peacekeeper dolls and most are military (I like the quality of these dolls so may get one of the military ones also) but was glad to see this one came with a surfboard and other beachy accessories.  I don't know if he can wear any of my current Ken outfits, maybe a little beefier, will check a few out but I will probably make him some clothes too.

I think these 2 additional dolls bring me up to 160 dolls in the collection!  I think it might be time to take a close look at some and maybe start weeding them out to bring it down to a more manageable level.  Or else I am going to have to start a one in/one out rule.........we'll see.

1/29/2021 Update:  I wanted to see which clothes fit these two guys best or if I will have to custom make them some outfits.

Brock is wearing a Ken outfit from around 2012/2014.  It is tight on him but wearable.  The Peacekeeper doll is beefier than Brock and the current Ken dolls.  He is wearing a Fashion Avenue from late 1990/early 2000 and it is a little tight but good.  His problem is his feet....they are wide, large and flat.  These orange slid-on sandals were the only shoes I could get on him.  Not sure what I am going to do for other shoes for him, maybe he is destined to be a beach bum his entire life.

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Sunday, January 10, 2021

Happy New Year....Continuing the Collection Project

Hope everyone had happy and safe holidays!

I've had a little trouble getting back into the swing of things.  Been just laying low after the hustle and bustle of the holidays.  But I am finally ready to tackle the cataloging of the outfits again and to start working on some dioramas.

Last summer I made a great purchase of a Ken case loaded with clothes.  Some were bits and pieces but others were almost complete outfits like this one, the pajamas are almost perfect! It even included the glass of milk and alarm clock, although it is missing its feet.

1961-1963 Sleeper Set #781 (Purchased) Incomplete

Some outfits were very incomplete like this one.  It's nice but not something I would have for my doll anyway.  I may sell it.

1964-1965 Drum Major #775 (Purchased) Incomplete

I'm not sure what my mother was thinking when she bought the outfit below for her 11 year old Barbie....scandalous! Babs and Allan look as if they have been caught in the act......

1966-1967 Under Fashions #1655 (Original) Incomplete
1961-1964 Terry Tops #784 (Purchased) Incomplete

For the love of paks!  I hope to find more of these gems, the pants are perfect!

1962-1963 Paks: White Scoopneck Playsuit, Orange Sheath Skirt, Black/White Bodysuit blouse, Black Slim Pants (Purchased)

Like the pants above, this is the perfect dress!  Note the black dress is a tad shorter and tighter than the green one.......because I washed it.  Do not wash it if you can help it, it will shrink just a smidge enough to be difficult to zip.

1962-1963 Silk Sheath Pak Black (Original) Green (Purchased)

One of my favorite outfits, so simple and chic.  The elastic on the dickey has dried out so I refrain from putting it on her.  I wish I still had the camera.

1965 Photo Fashion #1648 (Original) Incomplete

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Thursday, December 24, 2020

Christmas Eve Around Our House

 I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  This year has certainly been trying times for everyone, this blog has kept me sane.  May we all have health and happiness in 2021!

Ken and Allen went overboard with the ugly Christmas sweaters!

Looks like Skipper and Skooter got everything they wanted for Christmas!

My 5 Holiday dolls, so pretty and festive!

As always, thank you so much for stopping by, I enjoy being able to share my collection with everyone.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Saturday, December 12, 2020

Happy Holidays


Happy Holidays from Steve, Lydia, Trish and Daryl

Only Trish's polka dot dress is new this year. Running out of time to make more.

Sunday, November 15, 2020

Barbie Collection Catalog - Vintage Clothing Continues

 Sometimes when I am putting these outfits on the dolls I forget that they are well over 50yrs old.  Most have held up very well, even having been played with, but you really need to be careful with items like tights, socks and gloves.  I poked a tiny finger through one of the beautiful long black gloves, it doesn't show BUT I know it's there!

I think the Barbie paks were the greatest thing since sliced bread.  I wish I had more of them, the mixing and matching would be such fun!  The Knit paks consisted of 6 different clothing types: top, long full skirt, pants, dress, top and short set and a slim skirt.  Colors offered were gold, royal blue and multi striped.  There was also an accessory pak with a straw hat, purse and shoes.  These are the only items I have from these paks.

Knit Paks - Top and Skirt  1963 (Owner Original)

What a beautiful suit!  I am surprised the jacket was not lined though.

Career Girl #954 1963-64 Complete (Purchased)

Since I lived in a northern climate growing up and ice skated from the time I could walk, this was one of my favorite Skipper outfits.  I need to find her new skates.

Skating Fun #1908 1964-65 Incomplete (Owner Original)

School Days # 1907 1964-65 Complete (Purchased)

Dreamtime #1909 1964-65 Incomplete (Purchased)

Flower Girl #1904 1964-65 Incomplete (Purchased)

As always I appreciate you stopping by and welcome your comments.  I will be taking a break from cataloging the clothes until the new year.  But I may be doing a little holiday sewing for the ladies so feel free to stop in!